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VentPet Plus

VentPet Plus is the most complete version of the mechanical ventilator line developed for veterinary. It has also been developed to provide mechanical controlled ventilation in inhalation or total venous anesthesia systems. The VentPet Plus has an on / off switch and respiratory frequency, inspiratory pressure and PEEP adjustments, plus internal regulation valve and low inlet gas pressure alarm.

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VUPpet (Unidirectional Valve with PEEP) is the first unidirectional valve with PEEP and safety valve integrated in one body for veterinary. The safety valve comes factory set to 40 cmH2O, avoiding changes that may lead to high ventilatory pressures.



VAPpet (Unidirectional Valve with Maximum Inspiratory Pressure Adjustment for veterinary) came from the union of an unidirectional valve and one adjustable pressure limiter, bringing these functions into one body. It was designed to ensure safety to ventilation procedures that use ventilators/reanimators or flux generators. It allows the adjustment of maximum inspiration pressure between 10 to 40 cmH2O.