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Project Description

VentPet Plus is the most complete version of the ventilator line developed for veterinary medicine. It has a ventilation monitor with high definition LCD display that allows the veterinarian to monitor the main ventilation parameters in real time. Also developed to provide mechanical controlled ventilation in inhalation or total venous anesthesia systems, the VentPet Plus features an on / off switch and respiratory rate, inspiratory pressure and PEEP controls, as well as an internal throttle valve and low pressure source alarm.

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Easy and safe operation

VentPet Plus is simple to use with its intuitive breathing rate, inspiratory pressure and PEEP controls. In addition, its circuit consists of only one corrugated tube and one non-rebreathing valve. Ideal for applications where simplicity, practicality and safety are essential.

Indication of use

The VentPet Plus model is indicated for NIV (Non-Invasive Ventilation) and IV (Invasive Ventilation) in small and medium-sized animals (from 200 to 100 kg), with acute respiratory insufficiency (anesthesia procedures), emergency situations and transport.


In order to guarantee flexibility and safety for the professional and his patient, VentPet Plus has respiratory frequency adjustments (from 7 to 60 cpm), maximal inspiratory pressure (from 5 to 35 cmH2O) and PEEP (0 to 10 cmH2O).

Automatic Controls

Visando um manuseio simples e seguro, possui relação inspiração/expiração (R I/E) de 1:2 a 1:2,5 e fluxo auto-ajustável à complacência pulmonar, proporcionando o volume corrente adequado ao paciente.

LCD Display

The VentPet Plus is equipped with an electronic airway monitoring system that continuously displays six important ventilation parameters. They are: Inspiratory pressure, PEEP, Respiratory rate, I / E ratio, Inspiratory time and Expiratory time. In addition to these values, the updated airway pressure curve is also shown in real time.


The VentPet Plus can be combined with the Mapleson D (Baraka) system to form a compact and low cost anesthesia system that can be used on patients from 200 g to 100 kg. In this case it is possible to use the optional decontamination kit to protect the professional from the effects of the anesthetic.

It is also possible to use the equipment in a closed anesthesia system, thus serving a wide range of scenarios. To carry out this assembly, the ventilator must be connected to the anesthesia balloon. (The complete description as well as the connection diagram can be found in the manual in the downloads section)


Aiming on safer transportation situations, VentPet Plus received great autonomy regarding O2 consuption. The mean consumption is of about 2.5 L/min (without PEEP), providing peace of mind to the professional.


The VentPet Plus was built using materials that are durable and suitable for the use of the equipment, consisting of pieces of low mobility and low friction.
In addition, the cabinet is designed to preserve the electronic circuits that make up the monitor. Due to these factors the equipment presents great robustness and the factory provides one year of warranty.

Leaflet (pt-br)
Technical paper (pt-br)
High resolution images

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Technical Sheet

Mechanism Pneumatic
Generator Pressure
Cycling A tempo (INS-EX) (EX-INS) com limite de pressão
Calibration Pressure 3.5 kgf/cm2 (3.43 kPa x 100 ou 50 psi) to 5.0 kgf/cm2 (4.90 kPa x 100 ou 71 psi)
Inspiratory pressure From 5 to 35 cmH2O (without PEEP – the use of PEEP will increase the inspiratory pressure).
PEEP 0 to 10 cmH2O
Frequency from 7 to 60 bpm
I:E Ratio 1:2
Ventilation modes CMV -> PCV
gas source Medical oxygen or medica compressed air from 3.5 kgf/cm2 (3.43 kPa x 100 ou 50 psi) to 5.0 kgf/cm2 (4.90 kPa x 100 ou 71 psi)
Low pressure alarm The alarm is triggered when the input source pressure drops below 2.8Kgf/cm2
Inspiratory pressure graphic 17 seconds inspiratory pressure storage displayed on two scales automatically adjusted with 25 and 50 cmH2O backgrounds
Power supply 5 V / 500 mA (USB type-B connector)
Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 935 mm x 271 mm x 246 mm

With VentPet Plus

  • Corrugated tube – 90cm
  • Non rebreathing valve
  • O2 extension hose – 2 m
  • Power supply 127/220V and USB type-B cable
  • Conexão Y O2
  • Straight connector 22mm x 22mm x 15mm
  • Connector with lateral output
  • User manual
  • Warranty certificate